Mother’s Day … Off

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

I think this holiday needs to be revamped to Mother’s Day Off.

This is the day when a mother gets to act like her kids and significant other. I envision throwing my clothes on the floor and leaving them for my boys to pick up, including my underwear. I would string up my bra somewhere embarrassing so that one of them would have to fish it down and stuff it in the hamper which, by the way, would be two steps away.

I would wait for them to do laundry then wipe my nose on my shirt sleeve and throw it in the hamper — scratch that – on the floor and grab another shirt only to wear it for the last hour of the day and throw THAT on the floor at bedtime.

I would demand breakfast and whine if my coffee was too cold. I would leave half empty cans of coke sitting in a puddle and bread bags opened on counters. I would wait for them to clean that mess up then go and get a glass of water making sure to leave a trail of droplets all the way to the living room.  There I would sit and watch tv and eat yet another snack being EXTRA careful to leave crumbs.  Then I would walk away.

Could you imagine if I asked my boys where everything was? Or if I could do something crazy like spend our grocery money on getting my hair done, movie tickets and books then roll my eyes and stomp away because they thought that was frivolous?

I would be absolutely giddy if they had to constantly tell me to clean my room. THEY would storm in and begrudgingly make my bed and clean up my clutter because it would embarrass their company if they happened to see it! Hoooo *wipes tears from eyes* THAT would be royal.

How about leave them home to go shopping with friends and ignore their calls and don’t check in? Oh, this could be fun. (Sigh)

I think we’d REALLY be appreciated then.

Having said that, I am pretty blessed by my two boys. Tucker can make coffee and make a good bean and cheese taco seasoned to perfection. Carsen can make eggs and pancakes… They’re good boys, messy, but good.

Enjoy your day off. Kiss your kids and count your blessings.


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