Out with the Old…

My goodness this has been our theme this new year.  You should see my house… better yet I’m glad you can’t!! My husband has flipped our living room furniture all on a whim last night.  Okay, to me it was a whim he, evidently, had been mulling over this change for a while.  Ten o’clock at night he’s asking me what I think of the new arrangement and I have shut down in sensory overload, quietly yet desperately, trying to talk myself out of a tantrum of stubbornness.  God help the man, he felt the chill as the door shut on my brain and patiently asked me to “think about it.”

I, stiff-necked and gritted teeth, shouted at (in my mind, of course)  “stubborn lady” to c-o-n-s-i-d-e-r it before I start shrieking and throwing pillows.  No, I wouldn’t have done it but by golly I did in my mind.  I think I managed to sound convincing when I said I would consider it and that it will probably grow on me.  I then gathered my companions of comfort and made my way to the shower with my computer, a book and a journal and pen and locked the door to decompress.

My living room was rearranged and furniture displaced AND my dinning room table and hutch were covered with homeless pots and pans.  So, yeah, it was a bit overwhelming AND change unnerves me … just a teeny bit.

What’s the deal with the pans you ask?  It’s 2015.  It’s that time of year where stores sport the latest storage ideas in fanciful colors.  It’s time to organize!!    yay (sigh)

2015 arrives and both Todd and I were fed up with ALL the stuff we had accumulated over the years that were shoved into dark crevices throughout the house.  Christmas came in a heap of boxes and new stuff needed a home.  I couldn’t just shove them into closets already brimming over with toys, books and clothes that weren’t in circulation (until I dig them out and suddenly the boys HAVE to have it).

I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff it made me furious, really it did.  I envisioned throwing every glass mason jar and our pressure cooker into the trash.  They were mocking me, “Oh, we’re going to can all our produce we harvest from our garden…”  Yeah, sure, we jarred our pickles because we had an over abundance of cucumbers but the next season we couldn’t grow a green bean to save our lives.  Dreams dashed.  Perhaps I was a bit bitter (like cucumbers sitting on the vine too long).

ANYWAY – My craft closet was another black hole of dreams and ideas.  WHY did I buy so much dang felt??? Oh yeah, I was going to craft owls… for what purpose?  To sell?  To give away? Ugh. Who am I kidding, right? BUT now I look at all the pretty colors and do you think I want to part with them? No… but I will.  I remind myself I am sick of the clutter.

Todd and I have yanked e-v-e-r-ything out from our kitchen cabinets and hutch in order to purge.  I have washed (hand washed) dreadful amounts of plastic containers.  I have disdainfully thrown some who had the audacity to NOT hold on to their lids. Yeah, heartless.  No lookin’ back baby!  Buh-bye.  Kitchen gadgets, gone. Coffee grinder #3, gone.  Who needs three when two will work just fine, besides it was stained.

Garage sale here we come!

So, my house is in upheaval, littered with kitchen stuff, games, candles and china waiting for organization.  At this point I’d rather shove roasting pans in the obscure wasted corner of cabinetry, along with the Halloween brain jello mold we used ONCE, years ago, and whatever else I can hide just so I can have the semblance of organization.

Oh, yeah, and to top it off I’m trying to get back in the swing of things with homeschooling.  Someone please order me the Crazy Cat Lady starter kit, I think I’m ready for it.

(My left shoulder is tensing as I type this).

Are you reorganizing your kitchen?  Have any storage saving tips?  Please share!

Candes Shewmaker

Candes Shewmaker


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