How was Your Day?

I woke up Tuesday morning, made coffee and when I went to pour a cup the cup already had coffee in it.  I had found the last place I set my coffee cup down, from the day before.

Yesterday, my neighbor and I, and all four kids, went to Sonic for drinks after biking in the park.  The heat was rising off the asphalt parking lot in ghostly ripples but thank God for the shaded picnic table and a good breeze!  It was only 95 degrees.

Came home from Sonic only to discover someone had jumped my curb, obliterated our mailboxes, my side fence, my neighbor’s adirondack chair and ornamental lawn art.  Her Mexican, stone water well was in pieces, strewn across her lawn and her neighbors drive way.  No car in sight.  No note.

We filed a report with the local police, who ventured a guess it was someone texting.  Said neighbor and I sent the kids in while we cleaned up the mess under the relentless sun.  We were thankful we weren’t home and thankful the kids were not in the front yard playing.  It could have been tragic.

By the time I got out of the shower my neighbor was knocking on my door.  The woman who damaged our property had returned.  She was an older woman, painfully walking with a cane with obvious health issues.  She explained she had just come from the doctor when her leg cramped up and she hit the accelerator.  She couldn’t get her leg off the pedal.  She came back because she felt horrible and couldn’t live with herself.  My faith in humanity is restored.

We had decided to let insurance handle it but having talked it over with my husband we’ve decided to take care of it ourselves.

Case closed.

BUT WAIT!  There’s more.

After the woman left, the boys and I retired to our back yard to water plants.  The garden in the back needed watering as well and since i was back there why not clean out the pond.  It had become overgrown with Taro.

Tuck fetched a shovel for me to dislodge roots and clumps of vegetation.  It was going rather well; however that gross, murky water was stinky!  I would have to fish out water logged acorn and rotting red oak leaves some other time.

I told the boys to get to a safer side of the pond and stop hacking away at random Taro leaves.  Moments before Todd arrives home and joins us by the pond I had explained to Carsen the possibility of falling in and it wouldn’t be good because of the nastiness of it all.  He had a healing cut on his ankle and it would just be bad news.

He asked how deep the pond was and I told him he could stand up in it if he were to accidentally fall in.

Enter Todd.

I try to dislodge a clump of stubborn Taro when the shovel pitches forward.  I lose my balance and plunge into … the pond. Yep.  As I was falling I made a miserable attempt to jump to the other side.

I scream, I burst into laughter at the irony and stay there in the cool, murky, stinkin water with who know WHAT kind of critters are in there.  Just plain gross.

Shower number #2 that day.

Today, my ankle is tender and my pride bruised but hey, I can laugh about it.  Today is going to be a whole new adventure.

How was your day?


One thought on “How was Your Day?

  1. Heidi says:

    🙂 such a way with words… an “ordinary” mom day (lol) but said in such a way that a that compels one to read it to the end. I see great awards and best selling novels in your future.

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