How Great is Our God – Chris Tomlin and Friends – YouTube

How Great is Our God – Chris Tomlin and Friends – YouTube.



How awesome will that day be when every tongue of every tribe and every nation gathers together, in His presence, and sings the same praises to our King?!!!

I don’t know about you but this song seizes my throat and my heart soars and I can’t help but smile till it hurts when I hear the different languages singing the same song to MY God, our God.

What a glorious sound that must be to God!  It’s like that time when your child and his classmates are called before the church to sing a song of praise to God.  You couldn’t slap that smile off your face it you tried.  You smile so wide and your eyes well up with tears and your heart swells with pride because there’s YOUR child singing to YOUR God and telling Him how great he is.  It’s a proud moment to say the least.

“Look God, my child loves You like I love you!”  THAT’s exciting stuff.  Now imagine God, looking at this sea of faces, His children, together in unity, singing of their love for Him.  How can the universe contain that sound and that joy and not explode?

To hear this song, How Great is Our God, makes me feel that way.  It’s got to be an infinity times more for God.

Sing His praises!  Get carried away.  He loves it.




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