The Ultimate Display of Love

Today is Easter, a day that believers celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Not only did our Savior die on the cross but he overcame death and rose to life on the third day.  There is hope for all people that death is not the end of this life but a greater one still awaits.

It is an eternal life with no more tears, no more death or disease. God doesn’t force this hope on you.  It is a free gift offered to everyone, even those that hate Him.

I tried to explain to my boys that Jesus is the Son of God and that he came to earth as a human, took the blame for all our wrong doing that we would ever do in our lifetime and paid the price by dying on the cross just so we could be with Him in heaven.

Sure, it was a lot to understand.  The best way to condense the message was by example.  One day, my oldest son did something that warranted a “time out,” which meant standing in the horrible corner with his face to the wall for a few minutes.  Torturous for a then four year old.

In a brilliant stroke of genius, or God whispering to me that this was a God moment to teach, I offered to take his time out for him.  You should have seen my son’s face drop.  He got really sad, almost cried, and said no.

I asked him why.

“Why can’t I take the time out for you?”

“Because you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“That’s what Jesus did for us.  He took our time out for us.”

I’ve since had to remind them of the example but they got the message from a simple example.  Jesus bore our punishment when we SO deserved it.

God took out his anger on His only Son, turned away and allowed Jesus to die and Jesus did it willingly.  He died for His enemies.  Death is not the end.

He is alive!  I am no longer a slave to sin and death.



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