The After Party

SO, I have survived the hosting marathon of last week or … has it been two?

Deliriously tired of decorating.

Deliriously tired of decorating.

Photo on 3-15-13 at 7.33 PM #2

Thrilled with the results but this cuppy will NOT get a cacti flower.


I had spent all day, and I do mean, ALL day Friday, baking and decorating the cake and cupcakes.

I had plans for more elaborate cupcakes but THAT wasn’t happening or else Mommy was gonna git cra-Z.

I had already kicked the kids out of the kitchen for daring to talk to me.


When I finally said, “I AM finished.”  I was seriously delirious, giddy that the cupcakes came out better than I had hoped.

They actually looked like cactus, sans the flower.  The world and Pintrest would just have to deal.





My husband and I love to host parties.  We love having people come over to enjoy good food and a fun and sometimes relaxing time.  Every week we host at least ten families for a bible study. It is our gift.  Todd and I dream up ways to make our backyard, our home – heck every inch of our space an atmosphere of Welcome to any and all who would grace us with their presence.

I think our son’s have caught the bug from us.  Tuck and CJ will sometimes ask, “Who’s coming over for dinner?” or “Can we invite the neighbors…”  They enjoy having company and that makes me smile.

Hospitality, I hope, will and has become our whole family’s act of service to the body of Christ, to our friends, neighbors and strangers who will become friends.  It brings me great joy when my friends feel comfortable in my home, so much so they don’t want to leave (and sometimes don’t until 1AM *you know who you are*)

Hosting events has it pros and cons.  Pro’s – I have to clean my house.  Con’s I have to clean my house twice.   Sure, just before the launch, the stress is high that I have to find my happy place and decide if I didn’t get to dust that one room my guest will be just fine.  By the end of the event, after we’ve said good bye to our last guests I am wiped out but you know what?  Even though I slump down on the couch, brain scrambled, I have a smile on my face.

What’s important to us is that our guests have enjoyed their time.

SO!  Back to my marathon.  Saturday we had Carsen’s birthday party with a great turn out (there was a moment we didn’t think there’d be enough kids).  Monday I hosted coffee with some neighbors while the kiddos played in our backyard.  Tuesday my cousin Travis and his family were in town visiting from Colorado so we invited family over for grilled fajitas. Then Wednesday was Group time.

It was all fun, rewarding and exhausting but never did we think No Way!  We’d do it all over again.

This weekend, today, Saturday, I want to bake.  Baking is kind of a down time for me.  I’m baking donuts for CJ and I.  Todd and Tuck are helping a friend this morning.  Tonight I have book club and I was ready to host if Miss April was going out of town but she’s not.  I was kind of excited wondering how I would “decorate” for this month’s discussion but alas, I get to enjoy someone else’s hosting.

“It’s good to do nothing.”  and yet I wonder…  What do I do now?




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