Another birthday party

I do this for love and making memories.

I’m prepping for my son’s 6th birthday party this Saturday and once again I have grand ideas that I must now execute.

CJ knew the moment his 5th birthday party was over that he wanted a cowboy birthday when he saw a cowboy boot piñata.  I have been coming up with ideas since February.  Menus, cake ideas, decorations and such.  Pinterest here I come!

So I bought the piñata, hunted down a cowboy boot shaped cake idea and this week I began making stick ponies.  Yeah, stick ponies I pinned on Pintrest.  Oy!  Stick Ponies

It was a glam idea at the moment, an idea… that’s all until I had to come up with some game ideas. And then the clouds parted and I saw my “Party Idea” board and I thought “why not a stick pony race?”  Well, now I HAD to make those ponies.  I wasn’t going to buy them plus I had most of the supplies.

So, I tried to follow the instructions.  Okay, okay, I looked at the step by step photos and decided the supply list was too long for my taste and the words would probably confuse me. I winged it.

I made two pony heads out of old tired socks, stuffing, felt, buttons, ribbons and dowels.  BAMM! A stick pony good enough to race with.  Of course, if I did a side by side photo I think it would be appropriate to add the slogan “Nailed It” under my pony as a tongue in cheek sort of way of saying “what was I thinking???”

But I showed off my efforts to the boys and they loved it.  They actually thought it was the best thing they had ever seen (mind you they haven’t seen a store bought stick pony)!

My soon-to-be six year old was, dare I say, in awe of my creation.  It was like honey poured on a hot biscuit. His smile melted into his rosey cheeks.  He loved them.  He hugged me with that sticky sweet smile and said, “You’re the best mom ever.”  Wow.

I guess it was good.  Good enough for him and really, that’s all that matters to me.

I am convinced the kids will like it and the parents will silently think “I could do better,” and they probably could, well some of them could, but would they?

Stick ponies?  Check!  Two batches of Paula Deen caramel corn made?  Check!  Made breakfast, lunch and dinner todaydidtwoloadsoflaundry? Check!  Exhausted, dead on my feet today?? CHECK!@$%  Where’s my wine?

I love to create memories for my boys.  I want them to look back when they are grown men and smile.  I want their memories to smell sweet of homemade pancakes, great food, colorful and fun birthday parties and family.

I secretly want to hear them say “oh, but you can’t make pancakes (or whatever) like my mom.”  What mother wouldn’t beam with pride??  When they think of Mom I want a smile to spread across their face.  I want them to be speechless because they can’t pick just one memory that brings them joy.

This is why I do what I do.  This is why I bake birthday cakes and plan crazy homemade birthday parties.  May be it will cover up my short comings.  May be they’ll forget that those times (may be even tonight) I nagged them about their dirty room.

I remember the time when my mom made me a butterfly birthday cake with orange colored coconut and candy.  We were at the Ft. Collins City park and the weather was beautiful.  I was so proud of that cake.  It was beautiful.  Thanks Mom!


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