Me and the Moon

I looked up and saw the tempest night staring back at me.  Its bright eye, the silver moon, was tangled in the naked black branches caught in the act of watching me.

Did you whip the winds into a fury this day to catch my attention?  Did it frustrate you that I did not look for you; that I did not notice?  I saw evidence of your angry fit but I did not speak to you.

And now, I am ensnared in the glow of your gaze upon me.  Your anger has died down and in this quietness I see you for the first time and what a sight you are.  The night a torrid, murky, midnight blue and there you sit a silvery brilliance, unblinking.

We stare, you and I.  Finally, you have my attention.  I am beheld in such mystery.  I am in awe of your beauty.

Look at me!  Your brilliance demands.

And I look

You silence my soul.

You are beautiful – we say to each other

A blush.  A shy smile.  I look away.

But you glare making sure I know… making sure I believe it

Don’t look at me!  Look at you! 

I see you.  You are not invisible.  I see you where you are.  You are beautiful – your words declare it.


The Story Behind the Words –

I do not particularly like to explain my poems.  Sometimes they don’t need explaining.  I leave it up to you to interpret if it isn’t obvious.  I wanted to share what happened after I wrote this.

First, I was inspired by the moon tonight.  The description in my head was crystal clear that I had to write it down immediately so I wouldn’t lose the image but then the words kept coming and suddenly the message was for me.  Now, whether you believe God still speaks to His people, I will leave that for God to work that out with you.

I believe He still speaks.  He’s waiting for listening hearts.  I was washing dishes, of all glamorous things to be doing when these words came to me.  Two young ninja’s with rocket booster shoes were flying about the house  when He spoke to me.

How do I know that it was Him?  The words opened my heart and I heard it with my own ears for the first time.  The writing had a life of its own.  I can’t explain it any other way.  BUT to further solidify any shred of disbelief I may have had…  the very second I finished this poem the radio played the song “More,” by Matthew West.

It’s a song basically confirming what I had just written.  I got the message.  He is good.  I’ve included a link from Klove, I hope it’s ok.  God will use whatever means possible to speak to his people.  You have to be still and listen, may be wash some dishes.

More – by Matthew West


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