Fearfully Beautiful

Because you are beautiful you are feared

Feared because you have the power to make a man weak

A man can be overcome with an intense fascination; passion

That drives him to want to be near the flame; to touch it

And bring it in to his own body

Perhaps to give his dark, lonely soul life

There are those who know how to nurture it

They know how to fan the flames

to make it glow

to make it grow

so that he can share in its warmth and beauty

He is content to gaze, to sip and then dine

He savors her beauty as it becomes one

with his body and he is at peace

Because of it he is stronger, braver… bolder

A conqueror of worlds

But then there are those who despise its power

and seek to destroy it;

So that it will no longer lord its power over his soul

that same power that keeps him awake at night

occupying his mind, his thoughts, his strength

So he hunts it, tempts it, lures it in to the dark

and he drinks it in big thirsty gulps

and its everything he feared it would be

Sweet and delicious

an unquenchable desire

and it scares him

so he tries to control it

Limit it

But he knows that if she was aware of her own beauty and worth

She could control him and make him a fool

And he will be no fool

so he consumes it

greedily shoving it down his throat

hand over fist

until she is no more

destroyed, disfigured

no longer light but broken shards of beauty… ashes

He goes to sleep for the first time in months

I am strong.  I am self sufficient

Only to wake one day to see that

he again is weakened

by just one glance

a smile

and coffee colored eyes


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