September 11

Eleven years later it still has the ability to curl its gnarly fingers around my throat with a sadness that makes my body ache.

I make myself remember.  I make myself look at the images but not for long.  When I see the smoking towers I tear up because in those pictures people were still alive trying to escape.

Even this morning I find myself asking God, why? I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the people and the choices they made to jump to their death rather than wait to be consumed by the fire. Which death shall I choose today? To put a human in such a position is sickening, cruel.

I know that You were there with them, Lord. You did not leave them alone in their hour of need. You never leave us to walk through the fire alone. Isaiah 43.

That was one day in OUR history and it seemed like the world came to an end but there are those who live with this fear every day in the Middle East.

We are blessed. Pray for those who pray they get to come home, alive, from a trip to the market or school or even work.

My kids will know about 9/11 because I will not forget.


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