I stayed away

It’s too much pain

My life is full

Hard to manage my own affairs

To include all your cares


There were times

When your life

Was worth more than mine

And the rift it caused

Was soon a great divide


So I pulled back

I stayed away

I didn’t ask

I didn’t pray


My life was just okay

And I told myself

I liked it that way


But I didn’t.


My soul was hurt

My life?

Well it didn’t work


Then I realized

That I was the one

Who was the jerk


I could see through

Your rain

Knew there was

So much pain

And I left you there

To carry it alone


So you stayed away

And that was okay

If you weren’t there

The pain was gone too

But not anymore


I’ll rip open

My closed off heart

I’ll share the secret

Inner parts

The ones that I hid from

Those bad times

Where you took me deep

Into a world so hopeless

Dark and bleak


Oh how I cherished

The memories that were sweet

When we were just kids

And it was safe to run

The streets.


So I’m here now

Opening the wound again

Waiting to let you back in

I’m no braver than I was

Back then


I’ll carry your burden

And take it to God in prayer

But this time I won’t bear it alone

I’ll stand before the King

And bow before His throne

Beg Him to bring you back

To know His joy

And a freedom that nothing


May you know His Peace

May you know His love

Even if I’m the one

Commissioned from above.


To tell you the truth

I’m scared of the pain

You may bring.

Sometimes I pray He

Would send others

But there is no bond greater

Than sisters and brothers.


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