May be


Matthew 13:1-2

That same day Jesus went out of the house and sat by the lake. Such large crowds gathered around him that he got into a boat and sat in it, while all the people stood on the shore. 

I think you took joy as you sat by the lake and a crowd gathered, at least that is the impression, or vision, I saw when I listened to that verse.

Admittedly, my first thought, from only the limited human vision that I have, was “gee, he probably wanted a moment to himself.  A moment to be alone,” but just as quickly as the scene unfolded… you smiled and I felt the warmth bloom in your cheeks when the first man sat down.

It was the kind of smile a parent gets when their child saddles up next to you after they stopped playing just so they could be next to you.  A smile, that said you were honored, cherished… loved and thought of.

You left heaven to be amongst your children, to walk with and sit alongside the ones your heart longs for, the ones you love.  And they came to you, throngs of them.  They chose to seek you out and sit in your presence and you were greatly pleased.  You weren’t bothered by them.  You welcomed them.

I wondered how the first person felt when they approached you.  Did he give no thought that he might be intruding?  May be he did and came any way.  May be he thought he would just sit beside you in silence and take in the view of the lake.  May be you would allow that and he would be content with just that much of your time.

I imagine a man sitting next to you in silence happy to be next to you.  May be there were a thousand burning questions begging to be asked but he dared not.  May be he waited for you to say “hello” or “beautiful morning, isn’t it?” May be he waited for a simple gaze in his direction to know that it was okay to be there.

It took one brave man and the rest followed.  And you, seeing how the crowd grew and knowing how many people wanted to be close to you and hear your words, maybe that’s why you shared the moment with all of them rather than just the few who were lucky to get a seat by you.  May be that’s why you got in a boat to speak to them and not because, in my human mind, you wanted to get away from them because you were bothered by them but because you loved ALL of them at once.

May be.


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