Oh Pride

Oh Pride

why won’t you let me be

the constant nagging

the hum of conversations and scenerios of how the past event should have been

The threads of “what I should have said” “what I should have done” keep ringing

singing in my head

be done,  I say

that horse is dead

but no

it rises again

groaning, moaning

A zombie wishing to be fed

and what shall I feed it?

My selfish wounded pride

My self righteousness instead?

It bugs me in the silence

stealing quiet moments in the shower

or even now when the house is still

oh how the wheels in my mind turn

over and over

like a rusty, creaking hamster wheel

If this happens because of that then I’ll say this

and then that person will stand there shocked

without a word to say

and I’ll just walk away

pleased as punch

At least that’s what my pride


I’ve been wronged

So what?


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