Without you

Sometimes I wonder how much longer do I have to be here?

It’s a selfish thought, I know.

I have two boys and a husband.

They can manage without me, those that I leave behind.

I confess this only to myself

I wouldn’t dare give it utterance… but I think it.

Alas, I have a job to do that my Savior is convinced

I have yet completed.

I’ve been sent here to share His love with you.

I’m supposed to tell you that the God of this universe

Intimately knows you down deep to the very core of you

Where the inkling of your thoughts are born

Then relayed to your brain before you even speak it

He knows you.

And He loves you despite the muck you are standing in

He thinks you the best creation of all

No glorious peacock in all of its splendor compares to

The stunning creature He sees in that shell of humanity you wear day in and day out

He cares more for you than one of these.

And so this message must be heard so that no man is without excuse.

He has sent you a personal invitation to THE wedding of the millennium

YOU are the guest of honor

It simply wouldn’t be heaven without you.


3 thoughts on “Without you

  1. Princess Diana says:

    There are times that I too have asked why not now? Why wait? My family is grown, the grandchildren can make it without me. So why linger. Then I think about my husband and I do not want to leave him nor do I want him to leave me. So, can we please go together? The word widow does not suit me. How totally selfish, HE has a plan. Show me the was my sweet Jesus, take the dissatisfaction away and give me the will and strength to do your will.

  2. piecesofcandi says:

    Some days my spirit is just tired. My heart could not live with the thought of leaving my boys or my husband. It’s my spirit.

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