Where Am I?

Where am I, Lord?

Where have I been?

I feel as though I have been busy serving You

Not listening for You

Not Worshiping You

How can I see the Word of God alive in those around me

And I cannot see it in me?

Like the two-way glass outside the nursery

The Church can look into my ministry and see me serve

And say I do great things

Yet You see inside my heart, my mind and I wonder what you see.

Strangely I am no longer stressed and ready to give up

But if I were to stop, actually stop and listen to my soul

I hear nothing; feel… nothing

The engine is running

My hands they are still moving

I smile, I encourage, I schedule and I plan

But where am I in all this?

Where is my heart?

I feel as though I checked out

And some days I feel like I’m on auto pilot.

I don’t want to be

I want to feel You breathe

I want to hear You smile

But I would rather think on me and popularity

I would rather craft a good line for some kindred spirit to praise

Than praise THE Spirit.

How crooked are my ways?

Give me a thirst, Lord, for your Word.

My soul is hungry

Fill me up

This I believe you will do

And for this I will praise You!


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