Why she died
Was no surprise
It was bound to happen

Then I looked once again
and saw her this time…
through Him

She was His daughter
He dusted her off
It was just sin
that stained her skin

He loved her
Before she existed
He hated the drugs
That left her twisted

He was there
For her last breath
She closed her eyes
In final rest

His heart broke
As He cried
She was His child
And she died

So much potential
Thrown away
She didn’t have
to die that way.

His plan for her
was far much greater
A poor lost soul
He died to save her

“She got hers”
Oh, how clever

Then you say
“No one lives forever.”

So let that settle
In  your empty chest
A smoldering smugness
Yeah, you’re the best

“Let her burn in hell,”
you say

It’s not your turn
It’s not your day

… or is it?


In remembrance of Amy Winehouse


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