The Weight of His Love

I am crushed by the weight of His love

Drowning in His pursuit of me

A dirty lowly sinner not worthy of His gaze

How can I stand in His presence?

Not even my shadow can cross the threshold

Of Your temple.

Yet. He. Loves. Me.

I can think of a million reasons why He shouldn’t

I’m a thief and a liar courting other Lovers

He sings over me

He is jealous for me

He will give up Nations for me

It’s too much to bear

This love He has for me

I can’t make sense of it

It’s too good for me

“You have the wrong girl,” I say

As I turn and walk away

I praise Him with all my heart

I believe who He says He is

Son of God and Man

But this love…

This love is too pure

And I am too evil

Let me sit in the shadows of Your fire

Happy to feel Your warmth and see Your light

But I can’t get too close

Your love will set me ablaze

Like getting too close to the sun

I will surely die

This love You have for me

Is incomprehensible

Too perfect that I have to push it away

Some days it angers me

Surely a Love this great

Demands an answer

An answer I’m afraid I cannot


How can this perfect love

Expect anything less?

I will never be able to give You

What You deserve

My heart

You want my heart

This fleshy, bloody mess

So easily prone to wandering

What good is it to You?

Don’t You know who I am?

Don’t You know what I’ve done and said

And will yet still do?

Grace, Grace, Grace

I’ve heard it a million times

But I can’t wrap my heart around it.

I want to live in Your Grace

Then I would accept Your perfect Love

I know it can’t be earned but I still try

Save me, Lord!

I cannot withstand

The crushing weight of Your Love

But it’s what my soul has longed for

To be accepted just as I am

To be pursued jealously

To be someone worth dying for

Salvation is here and I

have found it all

in just one man…



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