The seed of Eve
Resides deep within me

I have nothing left to give.

I gave a piece to my mom
A piece to my Dad
My brother, my sister
I gave all that I had

Then I got married
And gave a piece to him
We had children
And gave some to them

What was left
I can’t hardly say
But each day that I pray
I find I have more
To give away.

Eve raises her ugly head
Where’s mine?  She asks
She demands to be fed.

Her lies they tickle my ears
Until she shouts
and it’s all I can hear

What about me?
Is that too much to ask?
I feel like all I’m doing
is busting my

Ask and take
They come back for more
My life has become
One big revolving door.

Have they no shame?

What have I to gain
by giving my all
When some days
All I can do is crawl

And so
I pray

Lord, take this away
Empty me of me
and He sends them
my way

I give them a piece
A piece of my time
my kindness
my smile

Give me it all
He says
You are my child

So I give Him my all
till there’s nothing
left of me
and only Him

And I find that
I am filled
with more pieces
to send.


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