Say My Name

Lately I have had the immense need to hear Him say my name.  It has been a dull ache that grabs my tender heart and swells my throat.  In the bible God’s voice is compared to thunder or a roaring lion.  I’ve heard stories of people who have died and come back and several recount hearing their names called and described it like thunder.  By all accounts these people were unbelievers and that’s the only word they could use to describe this voice, which most attributed to God.

I’m reminded of Mary at the tomb of Jesus and she’s weeping because she believes someone has stolen her Lord’s body and she tells this to a man whom she thought was the gardner.  When He, Jesus, said her name she instantly knew He was Jesus.  There was a certain inflextion in His tone  the way he said her name, in a way that only He could for her to recognize Him.

I think of the different ways I say my husband’s name.  There are tones and inflextions I use to express my mood when saying his name and from that he can gauge my mood.  I can’t imagine the love Jesus expressed in saying her name when He called her.  How does God reign in all of  His love and compact it into such a small word, a name, without it ripping open and bursting it from its seams… “Mary”?

Like a torrent of rushing waters washing over me
He speaks my name
and instantly I know that I am Loved

In His voice He wraps His mighty arms
around me
and I know that I am safe and secure

When He speaks my name
My soul will without a doubt know
that I am finally home where I need to be.

Please say my name


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