Take It

All four tires bit into the gravel and skidded to a halt sending a spray of pebbles in the dark empty lot.  She pounded her angry fists on the steering wheel as she screamed from the depths of her furious soul. 

She had had enough with trying to make things work out in her life.  Everything failed.  Plans, relationships, ideas all disintegrated simultaneously and they were now slipping through her fingers.  Rage electrified her blood pushing its way through her veins feeding her brain the poisonous fuel to keep the fury burning.

Mary threw open the door to her sedan with a primal scream that she was sure had reached heaven.

“You can have it, take it, every single piece of worthless shred of my life!”  She screamed into the night.  “Just. Make. It. Stop.  I’m tired of the pain,” she unleashed a river of tears.

Mary doubled over as if the burden on her shoulders had finally become too much to bear.  In one great sob she sunk to her knees and hung her head, giving up what control she had over her life to an invisible God.

Some sacrifice, Mary thought.  Her life was once stellar.  She could have offered God so much more… years ago but now all she had to offer was something that equaled a filthy rag not worth running through the wash.

Come to me all of you who are weary …

“I am so very tired.  I have no strength to fix this.  I don’t even know where to begin.”  The hot tears dripped off her face.  She was too tired to wipe them away.

In that moment a wave of peace and comfort embraced Mary as if God were drawing her to His chest, cradling her in His capable arms.

I give you my peace.  Rest in Me.  The burden is no longer yours.  It never was meant for you to carry.

Mary’s thoughts jumbled in her mind but quickly dissipated.

 Shhh… rest and God tucked her head under His chin and stroked her hair then began to sing over her as if comforting a child… His child.


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