Oh what lies
The lips do speak
That lead a man to sin

Yet all the while
His heart does ache
To take them back

Every new journal I start I write this poem I wrote years ago.  Truly it was inspired.

I’ve been wondering what it looks like to wait for God to give me His desires but I suppose I have to sit still.  I find that rather hard to do… to sit and be still… and listen.

I’ll have moments during a devotion when He makes things clear to me and you would think I would soar, and I do, if only for a day or two… or more but inevitably I start walking down my own path.  Then as the Israelite’s in the desert, I forget that I need the today’s manna, not yesterday’s, in order to keep on living in His presence.

I know what I must do but I tell myself I can get by just today.  Soon enough I’ve learned how to make my own bread and it sustains me but it doesn’t satisfy me and so I come back to Him.  I come back to His word.

I am so glad He doesn’t get tired of me because I do.  When am I ever going to learn I really can trust that He has my best interests at heart? Ugh!  How easily I forget.


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