Wayward wild thoughts

In order to safeguard my soul I must delight myself in the Lord, it says so in Phillipians 3:1.  It has been my banner scripture this year.  I must first delight myself in the Lord and all the desires of my heart He will give me.  Even knowing this, reading it in the scriptures for myself, I still get a head of myself.  I feed on His word, get the energy I need for the day and I think that I can take on the world for the next few weeks.  What is wrong with me?

There is no clear path to my thoughts.  They are wandering near and far, dreaming of the west and golden aspen trees and then going to Target to get a fresh pad of paper and popcorn with a slushie for the boys.  Wayward wild thoughts.

Today is an inspiring kind of day, well, sort of.  The streets are still wet from the drenching rains we have been enjoying since yesterday.  My neighborhood is quiet.  School is out for Summer vacation and the kids must be sleeping in late.  When I go to the stores I see a lot of grandparents with their grand kids walking around.  Mom and Dad still have to work and someone needs to watch them.

I would sit outside on my front porch at the bistro table but the mosquitoes would eat me alive.  I hate mosquitoes, they; however, love me.

I feel quiet inside like my soul is retreating, observing.  It’s not a bad thing.  I’m the spectator waiting to see the next act of Candes’ life.

Who are you, Candes?


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